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Adds a Pinterest "pin it" button to the start or end of your content.

::Components Supported:: Core Content (com_content), K2 Items (com_k2)

Download Information

Downloads: 1715
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Filetype: application/zip
v. 1.4
Released: 02-12-2012
Updated: 09-18-2012 11:27 pm
By downloading CN Pinterest - I accept the license: GPLv2

Release History

Version 1.4 Includes:

  • Pin it button only shows if there is an image available to pin. (if readmore content doesn't have an image, it won't show the image (or pin it button) until you go into the full article)
  • Option to turn off the plugin for specific articles and whole categories.

Version 1.3 Includes:

  • Image and Page URLs made safe links fixed
  • Bugs for posting to board have also been fixed
  • **REMINDER** There has to be an image in the article (or with K2 uploaded with the uploader) for a pin to be pinned!

Version 1.2 Includes:

  • Content with image inside the content area, first image will show up in the media section when "pinned"
  • K2 Item with image uploaded will show in media when "pinned"
  • If K2 item doesn't have an image uploaded, K2 Item with image inside the content area will show up in the media section when "pinned"

Version 1.0 Includes:

  • Allows you to add a "Pin It" button to the beginning or end of your content area.
  • Turn off display on homepage option.
  • Allow to just pin a specific URL that you would like.
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