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This is an extended module from the default Latest Articles module from a regular Joomla install.

What Was Added

There are several additions to the module and are very helpful.

  • added the option to format the date
  • added support for multi-byte content
  • added Created By option
  • added Created Date option
  • added Read more option
  • An option for intro text to be displayed or not
  • An intro text character limit
  • Adding a ... to the end, yes or no
  • Title of the article tag option
  • Use of LI and UL tags or not
  • The removal of images or tags from the intro text
  • and several more options (see picture below)

Download Information

Downloads: 447
Viewed: 4530
Filename: UNZIPFIRST_mod_cn_latestarticl..
Filesize: 18.06KB
Filetype: application/zip
v. 1.6
Released: 12-31-2011
Updated: 09-18-2012 11:22 pm
License: GPLv2
Avg: 5 (3 votes)


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