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Frontend Display & Features

  • Default view is the full images with a thumbnail scroll through menu below it.
  • Scroll by (thumbnails) support, select how many you'd like to scroll through at once. Defaults to 3.
  • Multiple Views: Default, Thumbnails (with lightbox), and Polaroids (with lightbox)
  • Thumbnails View:
    • Select how many columns the thumbnails should be displayed in.
    • Option to place borders (with shadows) on the thumbnails
    • Full range of Lightbox effects and parameters.
  • Polaroids View:
    • Auto generates the layout of the polaroids on every page view.
    • Looks like polaroids strung out on a table.
    • On-hover the image comes to the top of the pile.
    • On-click the full image comes up in a lightbox
    • Full range of Lightbox effects and parameters
  • Lightbox Customization:
    • Backdrop color customizable (enter any hex code ex. #000000)
    • Effects on how the lightbox transitions in (No Effect, Elastic, Fade)
    • Effects on how the lightbox transitions out (No Effect, Elastic, Fade)
    • Title & Description of image over the image or outside of it.

Backend Tools & Functionality

  • Create a gallery with set dimensions for full sized photos, and set dimensions for thumbnails (auto created on upload).
  • Multiple transition effects for the default gallery layout. (No Effect, Fade, Scroll Left, Scroll Right, Scroll Down, Scroll Up, Cover, Uncover)
  • Set transition time for in between transitions (duration from one to the next)
  • Upload as many images as needed in each photo gallery.
  • On image upload, it will resize the large images to the set width and height you have designated not to go over this set height & width (in px).
  • User interface to crop the image thumbnail.
  • Ordering of each image.
  • Name field & description field for each uploaded image.


Coded in MVC (Model, View, Controller)

Demo: CN Gallery

Price: $20.00 $10.99

When you purchase this component, you will have unlimited downloads of the component for a whole year from the day you buy it. So whenever a new release comes out, you will be able to click on the e-mail link (you will recieve upon purchase) and download the latest version.

Download Information

Viewed: 6844
v. 1.1
Released: 09-12-2011
Updated: 01-23-2013 04:35 pm

Release History

Included in Version 1.1:

  • Watermarking images ability added!
  • User Interface changes on the admin side
  • Bugs from v.1.0.1 & v.1.0.2 fixed
Avg: 4.75 (4 votes)


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